If you’re a homeowner with a private pool or if you represent a park district looking to improve your pool fencing, BAAM Fencing has all the best options and materials in protecting your investment. We can help you make an informed decision in selecting your enclosure materials, providing secure fencing that is resistant to water and rotting and provides an adequate level of privacy and security for your recreational space.

A self-closing, self-latching, lockable pool gate make an ideal solution to public or private pools and ensures that small children aren’t gaining access to this area without adult supervision. The experienced fence installers at BAAM Fencing can provide you with a number of safety-related fencing options to protect your pool and most importantly, the people who use it!

If you have any questions about building a pool fence or if you would like to discuss your next fencing project with an industry expert, give us a call at 972-832-1752 today.