For homeowners and businesses seeking a more traditional or elegant look to their property fencing, BAAM Fencing offers professional iron fencing and installation services to the greater Dallas / Fort Worth, TX community. Many residents prefer iron fencing because this form of fencing is highly customizable, with many options in style, pattern, and other decorative elements that can be included in the iron fence installation. Iron fencing is also resistant to age and requires very little maintenance other than the occasional rust caused by heavy rain.

Iron fencing also provides solid security to any property as the fencing is difficult to climb and highly resistant to physical force. Perfect for homes and businesses alike, wrought iron fencing can last for years if properly installed by the experts at BAAM Fencing. We can also provide anti-rust coatings by applying paint or powder coating to an iron fence, improving the lifespan even more.

If you have any questions regarding our iron fencing services or if you would like to discuss the fencing needs of your property, give us a call at 972-832-1752 today.